Quick tips on maintaining your Microshaded brows at home!

Hi Friend, 👋

Now I know you didn’t spend all that money to get your brows done permanently, only to not maintain them at home. 

If that’s you…that stops TODAY.

You know what makes a brow POP? Definition

Definition can be achieved by the use of a brow razor at home. It’s really simple. Don’t over think it. You are simply going to remove the hair that has grown around the brow tattoo. You cannot mess this up, trust ME! Worst case scenario, you accidentally remove too much hair- GUESS WHAT, the tattoo is still there! 

Second, our skin!!! we need to exfoliate it. Did you know that our skin cells renew every 30-45 days depending on our age? It sheds naturally, but most of us need a boost. The dead skin over our brows will give our brows a shadow. So once a week exfoliate those BROWS AND WATCH THEM POP!

Last the use of a good sunscreen (anything over SPF 35+) will not only help your brows from fading due to UV ray exposure but it is also very beneficial for our skin. 

I’m going to link some tools below from Amazon that I use at home to keep my brows tidy. I really don’t want you to spend money at the nail salon waxing your brows anymore. Yep! I know that’s you! You thought I didn’t know. LOL

Side note: Her brows were done 17 months ago. She maintains them with these tips and so can you.

Thats all for now. 

Talk soon,

Melissa ❤ī¸