My name is Melissa and i look forward to meeting you. I cannot wait to transform your brows to give you a radiant look!

Just a few pointers before you book. Microshading is a two step process. You will have your initial visit with me where i will create your brows and you will return to see me in 6 weeks for your touch up session. When booking appointment you are going to book :MICROSHADING when booking this appointment.

For my divas that have done this service before by another artist you are going to book COLOR CORRECTION BROWS when booking your appointment. I am asking you to also send me a photo of your brows prior to booking this service for me to evaluate your best alternative. You can email me a photo of your brows in good lighting without any makeup on them at info@thebrowsandbeautybarnyc.com.

If you are pregnant or nursing you do not qualify for this service. For my cardiac (heart condition) clients my only concern is if you are on Aspirin therapy or blood thinners such as Warfarin/Coumadin/Eliquis. Reach out to me prior to booking 315-203-2130 , i would like to discuss a plan with you prior to your appointment.

Here are my tips for you to have a successful appointment

No coffee /caffeine for 24 hours prior to appointment

No alcohol for 48 hours prior to appointment

No retinol products on face for 2 weeks prior to appointment

No aspirin/blood thinners for 48-72 hours prior to appointment

Come relaxed, and prepared to be pampered. We are asking you to come to your appointment alone. No children.

I cannot wait to meet you