What are the benefits of Carbon Laser Facial when it comes to Acne?

The biggest perk is the advantage of using less products on your skin.
Acne prone skin individuals tend to utilize a 2-3 step program
1- a specialized cleanser (to target bacteria and oil)
2- a specialized toner (to target bacteria and oil)
3- a specialized moisturizer (to target bacteria, balance PH, and minimize oil production)

What if i told you one session of Carbon Laser Facial can target all of the above!

Here is what you need to understand about Acne prone skin. The sebaceous glands are always producing oil. These glands have their perks, and once you're over 40 you'll learn to love them as they will aid in the prevention of wrinkles. However, when they are in hyper mode, they will produce an excessive oil production which will then congest the pores and finally produce acne.

carbon laser facial before and after

Carbon laser facials deep clean the pores and shrinks the sebaceous glands so that you can prevent a breakout. How's that for a 3-step program! The laser also exfoliates the skin leaving the skin with a refreshed look. The results are immediate. You'll see even better results on Day 3.
There is a Con! I know what you're thinking, there is always a Con. The Con is you must wear SPF 35 or higher after the procedure. When you really think about it, it's not really a CON. As we should all wear SPF to protect our skin. The procedure takes about 15 minutes. Our clients nearby tend to come in during their lunch break. There is no downtime, and it works on all skin types.

* Targets fine lines and wrinkles
* Targets Hyperpigmentation
* Targets Melasma
* Minimize large pores
* Stimulates collagen production

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