Microshading goes through a healing process (6-8 weeks). During that time your brows will peel and heal. To assist in the healing process an ointment will be provided to all clients to facilitate a normal recovery. 

Our bodies are designed to heal independently by the help of our immune system. Our White Blood Cells are designed to attack any foreign bodies that enters our blood stream. Keep in mind a brow tattoo is considered foreign to our body. Therefore, during the healing process, you will note that your brows will go through a dark phase before it goes through the light phase. This is completely normal. The white blood cells in our body will take note that there is an injury and begin to attack the tattoo. This is why we highly recommend a brow touch up within 6 weeks. 

This is normal with a healthy immune system.

When we are not healthy, when our body is compromised by a viral or bacterial infection such as the flu or a stomach virus or Covid, our body is not in a healthy state which means our White Blood Cells are elevated and ready to fight. After your symptoms have subsided and you are feeling like your best self again, we have noticed in medicine that the White Blood Cells are sometimes still elevated as an extra security mechanism.

When scheduling your brow appointment, its best to schedule it 2 weeks post any infection or antibiotic therapy to ensure you get optimal results. 

If you have any questions or concerns book a consultation, call with us by sending us an email at info@thebrowsandbeautybarnyc.com